About Us

Widen Shop is an online distributor for numerous brands operating in the high end luxury markets.

Our story is that back in 2001 we started a traditional store in a prestigious Stockholm high street where we sold a number of our brands to the general public.

The store operated successfully and we started to grow and accept more quality brands to offer to our customer base.

We then decided to open an online store back in 2014 to complement our physical store and to allow our customers to have access to all the items via their smart phones.

Little did we know that in a very short space of time, our web business was generating 97% of our total turnover.

It did not make much business sense to have a physical store open as it incurred very high recurring expenses. So we closed the physical shop and decided to become on online retailer.

This way we sell world wide, never close and can offer items to anyone in the world via their smart phone.

It is exciting having a business edge where the shop comes to you rather than the customer comes to the shop.

Although we understand that e-commerce is still in an early stage and many people are skeptical of purchasing high valued items online, we wanted them to know that there is always a real human at the end of the phone to help and assist them.

We are available 24/7 on email via the contact us web page on this site or customers can call us anytime. If we are not able to answer, we will call back.

Our Customer Service direct phone number is:

Tel: +34 666 261 841

We want every customer to experience a level of service that simply makes them want to come back and recommend us to others. 

Many thanks for your confidence.

Nadya and Carlos Widén
CEO / WidenShop